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Most exams will be 10 multiple choice questions. The number of questions is determined by your institution or the web site defaults. The questions will be randomly selected from a bank of questions so if you take mulitple exams from the same module, you may or may not see the same questions.
For uses who have access through their institution, you must log in AND have that module assigned to you by your institution to take the exam. For private users who have their own account, simply select which module you want to complete on the welcome screen after you log in. Once you sucessfully complete an exam, the module will be deducted from your account and the certificate will be available in your account.
You must review the material first or the exam will be difficult to pass.
A 70% is required to pass the exam - scores are not rounded up. Institutions can set their own passing rate so it may be higher than 70% for some institutional users/providers.
Exams are graded when you click grade exam. Any questions unanswered will be scored as incorrect.
Click next question to go to the next question.
Click previous question to go to the previous questions
To have the exam results applied to other institutions make sure you use the same email address (it is how we identify you) for all of the institutions and they must also be members of EZCompetency AND have assigned to you the same module. When you click grade exam we will search for institutions with a matching email address and module and let you choose if you want to apply the exam results (checked by default).
To view missed questions click on view questions.
To view a certificate click on view certificate.
We cannot supply you with the answers. You cannot argue the results. If you think an answer is wrong or a question is ambiguous please email the webmaster@ezcompetency.com. However, the results of the test will not be changed even if we change the question. If a question is missed more than 50% of the time and there appears to be a problem, such as wording, the question will be changed for future exams.
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