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Exam Name: Fire Safety 
Passing Score: 70% 
# of Questions: 10 
Question Order: Randomized 
Maximum # of Attempts: Unlimited 
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# of Attempts Remaining: Unlimited 
Fire in the operating room is a risk to the patient, operating room staff and the hospital or clinic. In 2003 a sentinel even alert by the Joint Commission initiated a process to decrease the incidence of operating room fires. The incidence has decreased from 0.9/100,000 operations in 2004 to 0.32/100,000 operations in 2011. As technology improves, the use of heat sources (fiberoptics, lasers, cautery), alcohol based prep solutions, and disposable drapes (paper) along with an oxygen source presents a serious risk of an operating room fire. This module is intended to educate you the factors that start a fire, how to prevent a fire, and what to do if a fire occurs.  
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The participant will learn:
  • Factors that allow a fire to start
  • How to prevent a fire
  • How to put a fire out
  • Response when a fire occurs


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