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Exam Name: Blood Borne Pathogens 
Passing Score: 70% 
# of Questions: 10 
Question Order: Randomized 
Maximum # of Attempts: Unlimited 
# of Attempts:
# of Attempts Remaining: Unlimited 
The Blood Borne Pathogens module will provide information of the possible pathogens that can be encountered, how the pathogens affect the health care worker, how to avoid being exposed, and what to do after exposure. Also, the module will provider concepts of an exposure plan, compliance methods, engineering a safe environment, personal protective equipment, record keeping, and waste disposal.  
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After review of the module the participant should be able to:


  • Identify Blood Borne Pathogens, Transmission, and Effect
  • Understand an Exposure Control Plan
  • How and when to use Personal Protective Equipment
  • How the work place is engineered for safety
  • What to do when exposed to a Blood Borne Pathogen
  • How to dispose of waste and contaminated equipment
  • How to recognize proper recepticals for contaminated supplies
  • How to keep Records of Exposures
  • How to ensure compliance to an Exposure Control Plan
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