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What to do if yo can't log in:
You user name and password are included in every email sent to you so just check your email. If still can't find your user name and/or password, you can wait for the next email or put in your name or email address below. If it matches our database we will send the password to the email address on file. You must use our self generated password rather than you own password. (Users typically have poor password strengthand length and don't change them often enough besides using the same password for multiple sites.)
Common erros why you can't log in:
Common errors are mispellings, using captial letters when the letters are supposed to be small letters, using spaces or other unallowed punctuation characters. Since the user name and password are case sensitive, you must type an exact match (name ≠ NaMe) or you cannot log in.
Where to find your user name and password:
In every email we include your user name and password but you can also click on the automatic log in link or just copy and paste it to your web browser web address box and you will be automatically logged into ezcompetency. Sometimes the email can be found in the Spam folder. Just seach for EZCompetency and you will find it.
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